First and foremost, the Yalla Yalla Crew is made up of passionate locals.

Yep, we're a pretty passionate lot. We have deep aroha for this place we call home, the people, the place, the legend that is, Hamilton. We're all about supporting local, providing wholesome kai, great coffee and a place that connects us all. Come on in for a yarn, you're always welcome around here.


Introducing Jason. 

Jason likes pastries. That's why he's our brilliant pastry chef. He's stoked to be up early, so you get the best, most colourful and seasonal food possible. Muffins are a bit of a swear word in his world so don't expect to see any of those lurking anywhere near (slices aren't far behind but you might get lucky there) He's been doing this stuff for a long time, and can't wait to get cracking. 



Meet Sanchia

She's a bit of a whizz-kid when it comes to the brew. Having "rocketed" her way through many a caffeinated venture, she's here to rock your world.


Meet Dave

Chief Rascal. Dave runs all the stuff we all take for granted. The lights are on - Dave. We have awesome staff-Dave. We have a cafe with amazing local vision-Dave. Churr.


It's Vanya!

Cooking up a storm, is the very chilled Vanya. She likes bowls of smoothies, and all sorts of yummy delights. During the day she's serving up your puku, but outside of work she's smashing people up - in roller derby that is! 


Yo Fergus!

Fergus loves thinking about you and your taste sensations. He's keen on fresh tastes that'll keep you coming back for more. He's a keen footballer so watch out, he's all about getting your dish to you in perfect time.