Yalla Yalla Coffee and Eatery champions the best in beverage and better kai for the soul on the south end of Victoria street.. 


Take a seat. Sup a coffee. Soak in good tunes and times.

Eat fresh, wholesome food, made with love and tweaked to suit—just the way you and the planet like it. 

No longer will you be starved for choice in this fine city. There is now an alternative to the same as usuals.  For example, dear reader, we have BBQ pulled jackfruit on rosemary/smoked paprika cassava chips of dreams.  In Hamilton you say, soulful healthy kai ... and so damn tasty!

Oh and did we mention we have own pastry fulla at Yalla Yalla?  Well true story—we do. In house bagels and tasty treats fresh as!!  From our for-the-love-of-it-ill-get-out-of-bed-at-4.30am-just-for-you Jason.


There is a big picture to this space of goodness.

A picture with lots of colour. Be brilliant if there were some refugees in our city who would like to see their diverse flavours and foods made right here in Hamilton! We're keen! We're here to share stories and create connection. Yalla Yalla is that place. #WorkingProgress


A good brew goes a long way...

Our coffee is brewed from the best science and wizardry of local roasters "Manuka Brothers" who have roasted beans in ingenious schemes since way back in the backyards of Melville. Damn fine blends for the discerning coffeeist! Local as. Come join us. 


He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.